Power Dragons Karate Luton

Grading January 2023

Above – Fabian, Ayden and Max (red belts) and Jonas (yellow-stripe)

Congratulations to all the Power Dragons who were awarded their new badges this month!

Please note, students do not automatically pass their monthly badges. We expect to see consistent attendance and effort throughout the month. As students rise through the belts, they are also expected to practice their techniques at home.

Full results are below.


  • Zahran – Jodan uke Yonhonme (head block combination #4)
  • Albert – Soto Uke blocks and counters
  • Amelia – Kette Gyakazuki (front kick, reverse punch)
Luton Karate Kids


Red Belt

  • Lianne – Uchi Uke/Jodan Uke Gyakuzuki (inner block, head block, reverse punch)
  • Jonas – Yokogeri (side kick)

Red Stripe

  • Fabian – Pinan Nidan (first half of first kata)
  • Ayden – Pinan Nidan (first half of first kata)
  • Max – Seiza (lead the bowing sequence) and Pinan Nidan (first half of first kata)
  • William – Soto Uke (outer block)

White Belt

  • Elonas – Maegeri (front kick)
  • Finley – Maegeri (front kick)
  • Leilani – Junzuki (front punch)
  • Nathush – Gedan Barai (lower block) and Uchi Uke (inner block)
  • Gabriel – Jodan Uke (head block) and Junzuki (front punch)
Karate Luton Class