Lianne Red Belt

Grading July 2022

Above – Lianne (Red Belt)

Congratulations to all the Power Dragons who were awarded their new badges this month!

It was a much smaller grading than normal as we head into the summer holidays. Special congratulations go to Lianne who has improved tremendously recently and she was rightfully awarded her red belt.

Our higher grades have also been focussing on our recent competition, and there has been a lot of revision for our middle grades to ensure the standards of their basics remain high before they move onto new techniques. 

Please note, students do not automatically pass their monthly badges. We expect to see consistent attendance and effort throughout the month. As students rise through the belts, they are also expected to practice their techniques at home.

Full results are below.

Red and Red Stripe Belts

  • Lianne – half the fist kata (Pinan Nidan) – Red Belt
  • Ben – Seiza sequence (lead the bowing sequence)
  • Ayden – Uraken (back fist)
  • James – Soto Uke (outer block)
  • Amelia – Soto Uke (outer block)
  • Max – Soto Uke (outer block)

White Belts

  • Finley – Jodan Uke (head block)