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Grading – May 2020

Ti and ZaynEven though we’ve been in lockdown for the past few months, it hasn’t stopped our students attending lessons by Zoom.


It’s been great to see them continue their training and when grading time came around, we did our first ever remote grading.


The students did really well and they were all awarded their badges.


Congratulations to the following students on their achievements:


  • Ti – Soto Uke (outer block), Gedan Barai (lower block)
  • Isaac –  Uraken (back fist), Mawashi Ggeri (roundhouse kick)
  • Zayn – Soto Uki (outer block), Uchi Uki (inner block)
  • Kunwar – Gedan Barai (lower block)
  • Zahran – Jodan Uki (head block), Uchi Uki (inner block)
  • Rayyan – Jodan Uki (head block)


Special congrats go to Ti and Zayn who have now earned over six badges each and were awarded their first belts!

June 2, 2020 | Grading, Karate, Luton | 0

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