Grading – June 2020

This has been our second – and hopefully last – grading over zoom as lockdown measures seem to be easing.

The students all worked very hard and showed great improvement in their techniques.

The students did really well in the grading were all awarded their badges.

Congratulations to the following students on their achievements:

  • Ti – Mawashi Ggeri (roundhouse kick)
  • Isaac –  Kata
  • Zayn – Mawashi Ggeri (roundhouse kick)
  • Christopher – Soto Uki (outer block), Gedan Barai (lower block)
  • Kunwar – Uchi Uki (inner block)
  • Zahran – Mae Geri (front kick)

Special congrats go to Christopher who has now earned over six badges and was awarded his first belt!