Grading by Zoom – Jan 2021

Above – Zayn (red belt) and Rayyan (red stripe belt)

Due to Covid, this was a zoom grading to recognise the progress and hard work of the students over the last month of remote training.

I’d like to congratulate all the students for their hard work today and for this whole month. It is great to see so much progress. Here are the results:

  • Christopher – Kete Gyakazuki (front kick, reverse punch)
  • Ti – Kete Gyakazuki (front kick, reverse punch)
  • Isaac – Uchi Uke/Jodan Uke Gyakuzuki (inner block, head block, reverse punch)
  • Zayn – Kete Junzuki (front kick, front punch)
  • Caelan – Soto Uke/ Gedan Barai Gyakuzuki (outer block, head block, reverse punch)
  • Zahran Khan – Gyakazuki (reverse punch) and Kata
  • Kunwar Doi – Soto Uke (outer block)
  • Ollie – Uchi Uke (inner block) and Maegeri (front kick)
  • Rayyan – Maegeri (front kick)
  • Adil – Gedan Barai (lower block)
  • Albert – Gedan Barai (lower block)
  • Aadya – Jodan Uke (head block)
  • Gio – Gedan Barai (lower block), Uchi Uke (inner block)
  • Lianne – Junzuki (front punch)
  • Jonas – Junzuki (front punch)

We have been especially impressed with Zahran, Ollie and Gio this month and they have earned themselves two badges each.

Congratulations to Rayyan who now has 6 badges and has been promoted to red stipe belt. Congratulations to Zayn for being awarded his red belt in January as well!

Well done everyone for all your hard work!