Grading June 2021

Above – Kunwar (red belt)

Congratulations to everyone who graded on Sunday and were awarded their new badges and belts! Please note that students are not guaranteed to pass their badges. We expect to see consistent attendance to classes, attention in lessons and effort, especially on badge day itself. If a student puts extra effort in, they can be awarded two badges.

Advanced Class

  • Isaac – Three step sparring – head block 1
  • Christopher – Three step sparring – inner block
  • Ti – Three step sparring – inner block
  • Zahran – Uchi uke, jodan uke, gyakazuki (inner block, head block, reverse punch)
  • Rayyan – Mawashigeri (round house kick)
  • Kunwar – Kata (first half)
  • Ollie – Uraken (back fist)
  • Albert – Soto Uke (outer block)
Advanced Class

Beginner Class

  • Uzair – Jodan uke (head block) and Uchi uke (inner block)
  • Lianne – Maegeri (front kick)
  • Jonas – Uchi uke (inner block) and Maegeri (front kick)
  • Ahmed – Jodan uke (head block)
  • Louie – Jodan uke (head block)
  • Ianis – Jodan uke (head block)
  • Rushika – Jodan uke (head block)
Beginner Class Gradees

Special congratulations go to Kunwar who has now earned 12 badges and was awarded his red belt. Congratulations also go to Uzair and Jonas for earning two badges each this month!

The beginner class