Grading by Zoom – Nov 2020

Due to Covid, this was a zoom grading to recognise the progress and hard work of the students over the last month of remote training.

The eligible students worked very had and showed real determination to be awarded their new badges. The following badges were awarded:

  • Christopher- Kette Junzuki (Front Kick, Front Punch)
  • Ti – Kette Junzuki (Front Kick, Front Punch)
  • Isaac – Soto Uke/ Gedan Barai Gyakuzuki (Outer Block, Lower Block, Reverse Punch)
  • Caelan – Kette Gyakazuki (Front Kick, Reverse Punch)
  • Zahran – Uraken (Back Fist Strike) and Mawashigeri (Round House Kick)
  • Kunwar – Maegeri (Front Kick)
  • Ollie – Gedan Berai (Lower Block)
  • Rayyan – Uchi Uki (Outer Block)
  • Adil – Jodan Uki (Head Block)
  • Albert – Jodan Uki (Head Block)
  • Aadya – Junzuki (Front Punch)
  • Gio – Junzuki (Front Punch) and Jodan Uki (Head Block)

The stars of the day were:

  • Kunwar who has now earned 6 badges. This meant he has now earned his red stripe belt.
  • Zahran and Gio who impressed the instructors by working so hard this month that they were awarded two badges each!

Congratulations everyone and special congratulations to Kunwar, Zahran and Gio!