Luton Kids Karate

Grading – Oct 2020

Today was our first grading at our new, bigger, improved venue. It was also our largest grading with twelve students being awarded their progress badges!

The eligible students worked very had and showed real determination to be awarded their new badges. The following badges were awarded:

  • Caelan – Kette Junzuki (Front Kick, Front Punch)
  • Christopher – Seiza (Leading the class in bowing)
  • Isaac – Kette Gyakazuki (Front Kick, Reverse Punch)
  • Ti – Seiza (Leading the class in bowing)
  • Zahran – Gedan Barai (Lower Block and Soto Uki (Outer Block)
  • Kunwar – Stances (Front Stance and Fighting Stance)
  • Ollie – Jodan Uki (Head Block)
  • Rayyan- Stances (Front Stance and Fighting Stance)
  • Aramide – Junzuki (Front Punch)
  • Ariyo – Junzuki (Front Punch)
  • Adil – Junzuki (Front Punch)
  • Albert – Junzuki (Front Punch)

The stars of the day were:

  • Christopher and Ti who have now earned 12 badges each. This meant they were eligible to take their red belt gradings which they duly passed!
  • Zahran who was awarded two badges and earned his red strip belt.

Congratulations everyne and special congratulations to Ti, Christopher and Zahran!

Successful gradees!
Congratulation Christopher, Zahran and Ti on your new belts!
Proud Sensei Alex with son Christopher
Proud Sensei John with son Ti