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Grading – Sept 2020

Luton Kids Karate Grading

Today was our last grading at our current venue as we will be moving to a larger hall next week. It was also our largest grading with ten students being awarded their progress badges!


The eligible students worked very had and showed real determination to be awarded their new badges.


The following badges were awarded:

  • Caelan – Gyakazuki (Reverse Punch), Basic Kata
  • Christopher – Gyakazuki (Reverse Punch), Basic Kata
  • Isaac – Kette Junzuki (Front Kick, Front Punch)
  • Ti – Basic Kata
  • Zayn – Gyakazuki (Reverse Punch)
  • Uzair – Junzuki (Front Punch)
  • Zahran – Junzuki (Front Punch)
  • Kunwar – Junzuki (Front Punch)
  • Ollie – Junzuki (Front Punch)
  • Rayyan – Gedan Barai (Lower Block


The stars of the day were:


  • Caelan who has now earned 12 badges. This meant he was eligible to take his red belt grading which he passed with flying colours!
  • Christopher who was awarded two badges. This takes him up to 11 and makes him eligible for his red belt at the end of next month.


Congratulations everyone and special congratulations to Caelan and Christopher


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