Grading – June 2020

This has been our second – and hopefully last – grading over zoom as lockdown measures seem to be easing. The students all worked very hard and showed great improvement in their techniques. The students did really well in the grading were all awarded their badges. Congratulations to the following students on their achievements: Ti …

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Ti and Zayn

Grading – May 2020

Even though we’ve been in lockdown for the past few months, it hasn’t stopped our students attending lessons by Zoom. It’s been great to see them continue their training and when grading time came around, we did our first ever remote grading. The students did really well and they were all awarded their badges. Congratulations …

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Kids Karate Luton

Merit Badge Awards – Feb 2020

Congratulations to the class who had a Merit Badge grading today. They all did extremely well and showed true effort. The results were as follows: – Isaac and Caelan were awarded their Soto-Uke (outer block) badge. This is the first badge towards their second belt. – Zayn was awarded his Gedan-Berai (lower block) badge. – …

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Karate Kids Luton

Grading – Dec 2019

Congratulations to Caelan and Isaac on  being awarded their first belts! They have been working hard for months to obtain their merit badges and were finally ready to show off their techniques in  grading. They both did very well and were duly awarded their belts. The whole class is progressing really well so we look …

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